Noun Agency

Chicago Cubs

Noun has helped our partners at Propel Water revitalize their brand back into a household name.

We created Co:Labs, a global fitness experience program that partners the brand with leaders in the exercise industry for events, content, and organic partnerships.

Our efforts have helped generate billions of impressions globally and increased retail distribution and consumer purchase.


Chicago Cubs

The Cubs enlisted Noun to lead their influencer strategy and reach new audiences they had never engaged before. Our scope includes identifying and engaging relevant influencers through seeding, exclusive first-person experiences, meet and greets, brand education, stadium tours, and more. In our latest campaign, we crafted the ultimate Cubs-themed April Fools joke by manufacturing a line of Wrigley Field fragrances and gifting them  to target influencers.

The tongue-in-cheek surprise spurred a flood of earned social media posts and conversation in spaces where the brand was never discussed before. Using this kind of personal, hands on approach, we're turning cultural leaders into Cubs fans and team evangelists in their social circles and online channels.

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